A Beautiful Community Effort

From Perhaps the Greatest Community in America


Youth In Need


Care Providers

How long will it take for the West Orange Community to change 100 local youth’s lives forever?

West Orange Smiles is a community initiative providing local youth in and surrounding West Orange County, Florida in need of corrective dental care who without our help would not receive the care they need.  One hundred local youth and young adults will receive corrective dental and healthcare absolutely free, provided by their very own community and local care providers.

What & Why

What happens when a community comes together to care for their own is nothing short of a miracle.

Special thanks to Think Minion for this video.

Founding Community Members

  • Titus Dental Cosmetic & General Dentistry

    Titus Dental is proud to donate Invisalign braces to the first 25 youth awarded this care.  These are differences that continue for generations.

  • myDirectMD
    myDirectMD Direct Primary Care

    We consider it an absolute privilege to provide the first 25 young recipients and their families with completely free primary health care free of co-pays, insurance or deductibles.

  • First Impressions
    First Impressions Community Events

    We are honored to donate the facilitation of this innovative community initiative.  We believe in our community and are excited to participate in helping change lives.

Community Progress

The initial goal of West Orange Smiles is to significantly and meaningfully change 100 local young lives forever.  With dental and healthcare services donated there are still the remaining out of office costs which we, the West Orange Community, are able to help with.  By making small or large donations WE make a huge difference in these lives.

Please receive a HUGE THANK YOU for your part in helping make the West Orange Community the best community in America.

Community Champions

Titus Dental - Cosmetic & General Dentistry

LDI - Business Printing Service

IQ Portfolios

myDirectMD - Direct Primary Care

LDI - Business Printing Service

American Forklift Rental

First Impressions of Central Florida

First Impressions of Central Florida

Local Hero Sponsors

The Change Giving App

Plant Street Market

Legacy High School

Winter Garden Little League

Mercury Title Company

Mercury Title Company

Mercury Title Company

Winter Garden Athletic Club

Core Wealth

Hope Charter School

McMindes Insurance Group

Strombeck Consulting

Golden Pond Communities

My Family Orthodontics

Bella Tuscany

Escape Goat

HomeRun Pest Control

Law Office of Pamela J. Helton

Think Minion

Celebrity Medical Center

Benchmark Realty

Felipe Lopez Baseball

V's Barbershop

We Are Not The Banks

Sonata West Community

Sonata West Community